Important tools that you can use to get started with product photography

Product photography is a proper field today, professional photographers are required to come and shoot photos for renowned brands and products of those brands or company. product photography services singapore charge different rates for different types of photography and they charge it per hour of the service that they provide. I’m sure you are familiar with how to click quality product photos but it’s incomplete without having the essential tools required for shooting.

Different equipment’s needed for product photography.

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  • Shooting table.

A shooting table is required for having a background on which your product can be displayed. The surface of the table needs to be sturdy and stable in order to click a clear image. You can use a table or a chair for this purpose but if you want to go all out then feel free to check out professional shooting tables on Amazon.

  • Light tent.

Like it’s mentioned above and even you might be knowing, you need something as a backdrop namely a light tent or a light box which can be built by you too.

  • Studio lighting.

This is not entirely necessary if your studio has naturally decent/good light, but if not then you might need to invest in studio lights, at least two softball lights.  The reason why softball lights are used is because they help in diffusing harsh light and adjust to shadows to attend the required results.

By setting your camera on a tripod you can achieve consistently clear and focused product images each and every time. You can find different types of tripods on Amazon starting from $20. These tripods will function smoothly for several years.

  • Mobile grip.

This is only for those who are shooting from their mobile phones, those who are shooting from their camera already have a screw hole on the bottom of the camera which gets attached to the top of the tripod. However, if you have an iPhone and are using it for shooting photo’s , then you need a mobile grip so that you can have a comfortable shoot, as the mobile grip would attach your phone to the tripod.

  • Photo editing software.

This is the final step in your product photography lessons, all you need is a proper and safe editing app such as Adobe Photoshop, Pixlr, Canva, Fotor, and lastly Snapseed. These apps even come with little tutorials on how to get started.