Everything You Need To Know About Birthday Bouquet Delivery Singapore

Everything You Need To Know About Birthday Bouquet Delivery Singapore

Flower delivery is a service in the industry. This is conducted through a website that allows buyers to surf online catalogues. They are often delivered to the third party who will be the recipient of such gifts.

In other words a buyer in the comfort of his home can surf an online flower catalogue, pick his/her choice and request it to be delivered to his preferred address or any other address he wishes to send it to as a gift.

Top Advantage Of Online Flower Delivery:

There are loads of benefits associated with birthday bouquet delivery singapore, and they include;

birthday bouquet delivery singapore

  • Having the opportunity to pick flowers with the best decoration and also choose different flowers and arrange them according to your preference.
  • Some online flower delivery can deliver on the same day you order for their service. This can also serve as a cover-up for emergency situations such as you forgetting a big day of one of your favourite friends, you can order and have it delivered quickly the same day you place such an order.
  • They also provide assurance that your delivery will be made to the right address and that the chances of what you ordered getting misplaced or forgotten are slim.
  • They also help you to seize the opportunities for the best offers
  • It removes the stress of going from one particular shop to another. All you need to do is swipe your device from one online vendor to the other and make your choice.
  • Round the clock services are available. In essence no time limitation
  • The convenience of making an online purchase and online delivery makes purchases less time consuming.

Who Are The Target Market For Online Flower Delivery

Home Flower Buyer:

  • They can generally order for flowers more than 4 times a year
  • They are generally female
  • Can order flowers around events such as Easter, Christmas, Anniversary, Birthday.

Gift givers: We have two types of gift givers, and they are

  1. Male gift giver
  2. Female gift giver

Male gift giver:

  • Can order for their partner or spouse as a gift.
  • They can order for occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and valentines.

Female gift giver:

  • Can order flowers for co-workers, friends, families and occasions.

Corporate Buyer:

  • Can order on behalf of a business
  • Can order to be placed in an office

Men mainly buy flowers online and have it delivered mostly for gift giving while women mainly order flowers for home use and also gift giving.