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How to Get The Best Deal in an Auction House?

If you want to make sure that the item you are buying has a good chance of being worth what is advertised, then it is important to know how auctions work, and how best to bid on items. This article will cover some tricks on how to get the best deal in an auction house. It also offers some information on why people might not use them as much as they should. Visit for more info.

Always look at the auction house from the point of view of a merchant

This means that you should think about how you would list an item in order to sell it for the highest price possible. There are some things that people who aren’t familiar with auction houses might do that can actually lower the value of an item.

Don’t try and get deals on items you won’t be using

It’s tempting to try and save a small amount of money on an item, but you could end up damaging your character by using an inferior item for a vital role (for example, if you are trying to solo on a poor weapon).

How to Get The Best Deal in an Auction House?

Don’t get taken by higher bids

Whilst it is obvious that the person who placed their bid first is likely to win the item, you should also look at some of the things that can go with a high bid. This can include items that don’t have as high a value as they might appear, or a kill/loss record which can put an auction house user in a risky position.

Don’t be afraid to bid on an item even if you don’t really want it

The item might be worth more than you think, or not as much as it is listed at. If you don’t want an item, then it’s worth knowing the minimum price a person is willing to pay for that item.

Don’t feel pressured into paying too much on an item

When bidding on an auction, always apply your own true value to the item you are purchasing. This means that if someone bids a large amount upwards of what you’re willing to pay, then it’s probably safe to assume they have very high value items and can afford to pay the full amount they bid higher up in the auction house.