Luxury hotel management ghmhotels: At your events disposal

Luxury hotel management ghmhotels: At your events disposal

The concept is glamping. You can enjoy a homey party in a space full of the warmth of wood. From small girls’ parties to parties for up to 40 people. You can taste exciting dishes in the outdoor space in the middle of the city.

A 3-minute walk to luxury hotel management ghmhotels. Vast space for up to 250 seats. The concrete exposed space in the basement of a building over 60 years old can be used in a variety of scenes, from weddings and various second parties to company social gatherings, year-end parties, and galleries.

luxury hotel management ghmhotels

Venues for Wedding

Points that would be worthy to be recommended to couples preparing for marriage! Before participating in the bridal fair, decide what you want to do, and what you want to do is decide where to give the wedding. Next, it is a venue selected in the area that two people imagine. It is recommended that you consider the bridal fairs and conditions of each selected venue candidate. Venue luxury hotel management ghmhotels will help you meet the desired venue to reduce the waste of time for busy people.

Why don’t you enjoy the best hospitality in the antique-like space on the second floor of the building that was renovated into a textile warehouse? With space for up to 100 people to sit on the terrace, you can hold a slightly extravagant party that will make you forget your daily life.

Full-fledged sound and lighting equipment

The party menu is full of heart, including grilled dishes of various meats. The price is reasonable from 3,000 yen including all-you-can-drink. Because it is platter-style, you can enjoy a meal while sharing with friends. In addition, don’t miss each restaurant’s unique photogenic dishes and desserts. They also have full-fledged sound and lighting equipment, so please feel free to contact them at any time.

Why don’t you direct a special meeting in a chic and calm space based on concrete black and gray?

It is also possible to charter one floor with a total seating capacity of 64 seats. This space can be used for a wide range of purposes. Why don’t you create a special time in the heavy and classical space on the third floor of the building that renovated the textile warehouse? Seating capacity up to 80 people. They can handle various parties such as various second parties, welcome and farewell parties, and achievement meetings. You can spend a different time than usual. Cooking and course grilled meats and photogenic desserts are served. They also offer dishes for anniversaries and sunny days.