Yoga: More Than What The Media Shows Us

The words yoga and meditation have begun to sound offensive to a lot of people, and this is because of the many associations that are linked to the world. A lot of people assume yoga is a skinny, rich, white people activity that involves sitting in the lotus position and chanting ohm. While this might be one depiction of yoga or meditation, it does not encompass even 5% of what yoga is and can be for people. Social media and popular media do not help much either when it comes to showing a healthy representation of the practice. If you are looking to get into yoga as either a student or as a yoga instructor yourself, you can check out the training and programs offered by Marianne Wells Yoga Teacher Training.

Yoga can be beneficial in so many ways to people of all ethnicities, gender, and sexual identities, body types, and able-bodied or otherwise. Yoga is a practice that teaches us to slow down, listen to ourselves, and pay attention to the immediate present in front of us. Apart from that, yoga also teaches us to push our bodies and to see their true potential. People can end up improving their posture, and their flexibility which are two of the most obvious benefits of yoga. You will also end up increasing your overall strength. Depending on the type of program you sign up for, yoga will target different muscle groups in your body and make them stronger. A lot of people that do yoga end up developing really strong cores as a result of constantly having to engage it when practicing. At the end of the day, you will notice physical, emotional, and psychological benefits from long-term yoga practice, and if you are still skeptical, there are hundreds of published scientific studies on the matter.