Using Fake Urine to Fool Drug Tests

There are various ways to avoid getting caught up in the law.  Fake urine and penises are widely used by many people as an attempt to trick their companiesdrug tests. As nowadays, these drug test in urine has become very common and evident.

It is important to provide understanding and insight to many managers in some companies about various naughty tricks commonly used by workers regarding drug consumption checks in their work environment. It is said that tricking drug tests were increasing, which are still legally traded on the internet. These drug testing are going on in all departments and in almost all sectors too.

In many industries where employees have good salaries, but they also face high work pressure and long working hours and are away from family, the more often you commute and leave your family, the more complex the problems they face, so people are more likely to take drugs in this case.

Many workers nowadays are using fake urine to avoid having their urine test positive for traces of drugs.Fake urine is chemicals, but they make sure it has the right PH balance, the right colour and special gravity to make it look like urine.

The fake urine looks very similar to real urine. Many people used and are still us8ng this fake urine to hide the actual urine test result. Many were tricked and it always got a negative test result containing traces of drugs in it. Creatinine is a by-product of muscle tissue breakdown, it’s a protein that’s excreted in the urine and it’s a unique marker that tells us we’re examining real urine.

Nowadays there is also synthetic urine which they can put into synthetic urine so that their fake urine product becomes increasingly difficult to recognize if it is synthetic urine. Generally, the game urine when taken into the laboratory to test for its actual contents the final result may show that urine is a fake one.

In reality, all they do is make chemical compounds in liquid form and sell them, they don’t indicate the purpose of buying the product, so this transaction of selling fake urine is certainly not a dangerous drug. Many people buy the fake urine to give them to the lab and forget about the synthetic creatinine, these people end up failing and the examining person will get to know about the fake urine.