How To Perform The THC Detox Testing?

Many people ask what happens during the process of thc detox testing. A user will have to take the testing location, and the sample of a tiny hair will be taken. For that reason, the concerned person will cut a tiny sample of the hair from either back of the scalp or the head’s top. This sample will be put in a sealed container. The sample is about 1.5 inches of hair during the process since the hairs grow from 1 to 2 inches every 90 days. It means that they want a 90-day sample of the hair.

Why are hair drug testspreferred?

A lot of employers prefer the thc detox test for weed because of the below-mentioned reasons:

  • These tests are difficult to fool, as they are being done in front of anyone. It means that there is nothing to do in the private setting.
  • Hair tests are sensitive to cocaine and other drugs, particularly if you use them regularly. Hair follicles also contain a long history of drug use than urine or blood. Once the drug is deposited, it remains in the hair.
  • It is a reliable form of testing, as people have all kinds of ways to pass the urine test by taking the help of artificial powders and urine.
  • They provide accurate results up to 90 days after the drug use even.

So, get ready to clear the drug use if you are not a drug user and if you are, finding the way to pass the test is the best way.